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How Curiosity Boosts Memory and Learning!

The more curious we are about a topic, the easier it is to remember information about that topic, but we also remember unrelated information we saw at the same time.

Curiosity wouldn’t top our list of essential qualities for professional success, but recent studies show its significance at work rivals intelligence and ambition. Highly curious individuals embrace novelty, think in nuanced ways, and excel at finding innovative solutions to complex problems, all traits of successful leaders.

So as leaders, how can we encourage curiosity in our teams?

We can lead by example, by asking thought-provoking questions, by resisting our desire to provide all the answers, and prompting our team members to explore their own ideas and potential solutions.

We can act as mentors and coaches, and challenge team members to think critically, to analyse situations from multiple angles, and develop problem-solving skills. We can encourage our teams to be curious. To ask why.

Are you ready for challenging questions?

It’s important to be clear with your expectations and provide guidelines to keep your teams on track. However as you develop coaching habits, the upside is you’ll empower your teams to take ownership of their work, and create an atmosphere where curious minds live and thrive.

The benefits will extend to everyone in the workplace. Curiosity at work has been shown to increase performance, improve innovation, reduce conflict and boost engagement.

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