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Be Useful (Or at least try to be)

Arnie 4.0… he’s back! #1 NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER ‘Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life.’

Even though I found Arnie’s 2013 memoir ‘Total Recall’, to be a rollicking read, I was hesitant to pick up this latest effort as I’ve read enough ‘motivational’ tropes!

I wasn’t sure if I should expect a genuine read from an aging guru or a soft sell PR exercise. I suspect this is both. This is Arnie 4.0, having shape-shifted from bodybuilder, to actor, to politician, he has reinvented himself yet again as a motivational elder statesman. While ‘Be Useful’ retains some of the expected motivational cliches (‘This life isn’t a dress rehearsal’) the book’s strength lies in Schwarzenegger’s candid storytelling and his emphasis on the value of being useful. Arnie fans will love it!

He shares anecdotes from various stages of life, describing (with more cliches) how a relentless pursuit of usefulness and discipline propelled him forward. The narrative is peppered with insightful reflections, revealing a man who has definitely tackled a diversity of challenges, and won.

Schwarzenegger’s unique voice, a blend of charisma and Cali-authenticity, resonates throughout the book. He articulates the importance of setting audacious goals, fostering discipline, and embracing failure as a stepping stone to growth. The principles outlined are pragmatic, urging you dear reader to channel your energy into being of service to others. ‘Come on, rest is for babies!’ After all, who says your calves can’t be as big as your oversized biceps!

While not exactly a celebrity memoir, “Be Useful” does stand out for its actionable insights and Schwarzenegger’s commitment to inspiring others to lead purposeful lives. It isn’t an untold story, but it is from a rather unique and successful man who has navigated his own path, and I did enjoy reading motivational mush from someone who has built genuine success. And now, while creating a legacy as an aging sensei, he is offering his wit and wisdom to the rest of us under achieving mortals.

Buy the Audio version just for kicks 😀

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