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Returning to work – how to manage the transition.

I’m returning to the workplace tomorrow, after a very peaceful break. This will be an adjustment – a transition. And managing these transitions is important. I need to show up with the right thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

How do you prepare?

Tomorrow morning I step immediately into a reasonably busy schedule and I intend to keep the calm, peaceful mindset I’ve had across Christmas – and still perform.

To do that I’ve remained focused on where I am right now. Doing things I love, being outdoors, playing on and in the water, despite the clouds!

This afternoon I’ll start to reflect on the last few weeks, and plan the transition to the workplace, the practicalities and my thinking. Frankly this is an effort, but essential. I need to show up tomorrow with my focus on work… not divided between work and wishing I was on holidays.

I need to show up with the right thoughts, emotions and behaviours. I need to be focused, not distracted, then I will get the most out of where I am and what I’m doing. And I’m looking forward to a productive year.

I’ll be writing more on managing transitions and improving focus this year, so I’m interested in ways you manage these changes.

Have an extraordinary 2024!

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